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Slip Through One’s Fingers
Slip Through One’s Fingers English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘slip through one’s fingers’

Date: Jun 28 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Sometime in life, you will get an amazing opportunity. Maybe, you will have a chance to win a big contest, or perhaps, you will get to live the dream by finding the perfect job. When these wonderful opportunities happen, you need to make some important choices, and you need to make them fast. You don’t want these incredible things to slip through your fingers and be lost.

When something “slips through your fingers,” you don’t take advantage of it. In other words, you decide not to enter the big contest, or you don’t apply for your dream job. You just let life continue, and your opportunities slip through your fingers and disappear. However, most people want to experience the great results of a big opportunity. This is why you will usually hear people use this expression in the negative. They might say, “This is too good to miss. We can’t let it slip through our fingers.”

Travel Bug has the chance at some free publicity, but they must make a commercial first. Find out which member of the team is already a star in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


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Dominique:  Thank you all for meeting me here instead of the office. We have a big opportunity as a company, and I don’t want to let it slip through our fingers.

Andy_H:  Exciting! What is it?

Dominique:  There is a contest for some free publicity. If we make a commercial, we have a chance at getting it on television for free!

Kelsey:  How cool!

Jordin:  Quick question. How do we make a commercial?

Dominique:  Well, luckily we have someone here with experience. Sheila?

Sheila:  So, you all might recognize me from the Dicky’s Donut commercial.

Kelsey:  You were in the Dicky’s Donuts commercials?

Andy_H:  Those are hilarious!

Dominique:  Wow! I had no idea. What role?

Sheila:  I played Coffee Girl Number Three.

Andy_H:  Oh…

Sheila:  But enough about me, for now. Today, you all get to live the dream and be in a commercial.

Andy_H:  Nice!

Dominique:  Sheila has connected us with some of her friends.

Sheila:  Some Industry friends.

Dominique:  To help us out.

Sheila:  Jordin! As our intern, you’ll be handing out the scripts. You have a role, so hand yourself a script as well.

Jordin:  Oh…. OK.

Sheila:  You have a small role. Andy!

Andy_H:  Right here.

Sheila:  You’ll be playing… Andy. We’ll be playing boyfriend and girlfriend, so don’t get any ideas.

Andy_H:  OK.

Sheila:  Dominique, we already talked about your role. Kelsey!

Kelsey:  Hello!

Sheila:  We need a song.

Kelsey:  On it!

Sheila:  A good one.

Kelsey:  Done!

Sheila:  I have a friend who’s a director. He’s going to be helping us out today. This opportunity is too good to miss. We cannot let it slip through our fingers! So, let’s make some movie magic!

Jordin:  So, when do we start?

Sheila:  Now!


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Dominique tells the Travel Bug team that they might win some free publicity by making a commercial. Everyone thinks this is cool, but only one person knows how to make a commercial. Sheila was actually an actor in some very popular donut commercials. Dominique asked her to help by contacting some of her friends in the entertainment industry.

Sheila is excited to help, and she orders Jordin to give everyone a script. She explains some of the roles they will play. For example, she and Andy will pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. She tells Andy that they will only be pretending. Sheila asks Kelsey to write a great song for the commercial. One of Sheila’s friends, who is a director, will be coming soon, so they must begin working on this now.

Were you ever on TV? What is an example of a famous commercial from your country?



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Even having a doubt do it, don’t let any of opportunities slip through your fingers.

12:39 PM Aug 30 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have not been on TV at all,”Ashi Mashi” is a famous commercial in Iran it is the commercial  for a snack.

12:21 PM Jun 28 2016 |

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i don’t have ever been on TV.

Commercials and publicities are the most important communication of recent years. I think, we need to take useful advantages of commercials but we should protect ourself from harmfull commercials.

05:40 AM Jun 28 2016 |



happiness is a wonderful feeling in this world…we can have it if we are in health,in love ..we cant lose many things, but we can keep important,valuable,special things and persons in our life.coz somethings never bought with money ..for that reason ,close your fingers and keep them ..dont let them slip through your fingers..

05:09 AM Jun 28 2016 |



  Yes. There was once many years ago. But that was not a commercial.

  About eleven years ago, I took part in the Western volunteer program as a graduated university student. And then I was chosen to make a short film about the excellent volunteers. This short film was put on the western TV.

08:10 PM Jun 27 2016 |

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