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June 11, 2017
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#222 Ferdinand (Trailer)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are 3 important features in this video lesson.  1) The word "you" sounds like "ya" (twice).  The word "you" also sounds like "cha" once, in the phrase "they've got you" ("they gotcha").  2) The word "to" can sound like "ta", "da" or "na".  You'll hear it five times in this video, including the phrases "have to" ("hafta"), "need to be" ("need da be"), and "going to" ("gonna").  3) Sometimes the first verb is left out of questions.  For example, the question "Do you see that car over there?" might sound like "You see that car over there?"  The initial verb "do" is missing.  Or if you're going out with some friends but one of them isn't sure if he's going to come or not, then you might ask him, "Are you going to come with us tonight?", which might sound like "Ya gonna come with us tonight?"  The initial verb "are" is missing.

Missing Words and Phrases (10):  are you going to [ya gonna]; at least he's [at least ee's]; do you see [you see]; have to [hafta]; need to be [need da be]; they've got you [they gotcha]; to [da/ta] (twice); you [ya] (2 times).


It seems like the moment you're born, people think _______________ all figured out [1], based on how _____ look, how _____ talk, where you're from.  But it's not that simple, especially when it comes _____ me.  I'm a little bit more complex.

{The cat screeches because the woman poured some water on it.}

I'm Ferdinand.  You look at me and think "Big!"  You think "Scary!"  You think, "Well, _____________ not in a china shop."  Oh no!  Baby steps!  Baby steps!  Easy does it!  [2]  {Sneezes}  Sorry!

{Song [3]:  I was younger then. Take me back to when… And I've not seen the roaring fields in so long.  I know I've grown, but I can't wait to go home.  I'm on my way ["Ferdinand!!!"], driving at 90 [4] down...  We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.}

I'm not a fighting bull.

You don’t __________ a fighting bull.  You just _______ look like a fighting bull.

__________ that barrel over there?  Smash it _____ pieces!

With my head?

What else ________________ hit it with?


{Song:  I'm on my way, driving at 90 down…   Over the castle on the hill.} 

Aw, come on, little guy!  Come on!  Sorry I almost killed you!  Ow!

{Song:  Over the castle on the hill.}


[1] People think they've got you all figured out = People think they understand you.
[2] Easy does it = If you stay calm and relaxed ("easy"), then you'll succeed ("does it").  When he says "Easy does it", he's calm and relaxed, moving slowly and carefully; he's not freaking out.
3] This is Ed Sheeran's song "Castle On The Hill", but they took some parts of it out, so some of it doesn't make sense here in the trailer.

[4] Driving at 90 = driving 90 kilometers an hour.


1) they've got you [they gotcha]
2) you [ya]
3) you [ya]
4) to [da]
5) at least he's [at least ee's]
6) need to be [need da be]
7) have to [hafta]
8) Do you see [you see]
.  Note that the verb "do" is missing in this question.
9) to [ta]
10) are you going to [ya gonna].  Note that the verb "are" is missing in this question.


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