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May 25, 2017
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#220:  Inside Out (Riley's First Date)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are four main features in this video.  1) The "h" sound in the words "him" and "her" is often silent, so "him" often sounds like "im" and "her" often sounds like "er".  2) The word "to" sounds like "da" three times in this video.  3) The combination of "t" plus "your" or "you're" often sounds like "chur" or "cher".  If someone says, "I know what you're doing here", the phrase "what you're" might sound like "what chur" or "what cher".  4) The combination of "d" plus "your" or "you're" often sounds like "jur" or "jer".  If someone says, "You're not so bad yourself," the phrase "bad yourself" might sound like "bad jurself" or "bad jerself".

Missing Words and Phrases (16):  did you [did ju]; don't know [dunno]; her [er] (2 times); him [im] (2 times); out of [oudda]; probably [probly]; to [da] (3 times); what are you [what chu]; what you're [what chur]; you [ya]; you know [ya know]; you're not so bad yourself [yer not so bad jerself].


Is Riley here?
{Inside the dad's mind}  Red Alert! 
Boy!  Boy!  Boy!  Boy!  Boy! 
There's a boy in my house! 
I knew she was going skating, but I thought it was with _____ friends!
Why is there a boy in my house?
This isn't a date, is it?  I'll ask Riley.
{Inside the mom's mind}  I don't like this. 
This can't be a date!  She's only 12 [1].
Let's probe, but layer it with cool words the kids say so it's not obvious. [2]
So, what's the deal, yo.  Jordan, OMG [3]!  He is awesome sauce!  Fo sheezy. [4]
{Inside Riley's mind}  Did she just say "fo sheezy"? 
I don’t understand what's happening. 
This is just embarrassing.  I can't.  I just can't.
{Inside the dad's mind}  I know ___________ doing here, Jordan.  You don't think that I know what you know, but I know, you little punk!
He's not good enough for Riley!  No one is!
Go back _____ jail!
What are _____ looking for, Jordan?  Something _____ steal?
Like our daughter!
Should we say something?
No no no.  He'll be expecting that.  Give _____ the silent treatment.  He's about to crack [5], I can feel it.
{Inside Jordan's mind}  Woah!!!  Weeeee!  
{Inside the dad's mind}  Sir!  No response.
Two can play at your mind games, Jordan.  Intimidate!
{Inside Jordan's mind, to the dad:}  Dude!  ____________ looking at?
________ your dumb hat!  Hahahahaha.
{Inside the dad's mind} 
Sir, intimidation is failing.
{Grunts}  Increase the pressure!  Engage!
So, Jordan.  What do you like _____ do for fun?
I __________.  Stuff.
{Inside the dad's mind}  Sir, that sounds like back talk! [6]
That's it! [7]  He's ______ here!  Give him the boot! [8]
Yes, sir!  Launching boot!
On my mark!  In 5, 4, 3.  [9]
Oh, I play in a band.  That's fun.
{Inside the dad's mind}  Wait.  We were in a band.
{Background music:  AC/DC.}
I was in a band.  Lead guitar [9].
Cool!  I rock the bass [10]
{Talking over each other:}
We played a lot of AC/DC.
Yeah.  My favorite band is AC/DC. 
Mom, eww!  It's not a date!  We're going skating with a group of friends.
Oh, fun!  That'll be off the hook.  LOL.
{Inside Riley's head}  Stop talking like that! 
Wait!  Where's Jordan?
_______ leave Jordan with dad???  Mom, this is so embarrassing!
Riley, your father would never do anything…
{Song "Back In Black" by AC/DC}
Bye, mom.  Bye, dad.
Have fun.
Peace out, my homies.
________, Jordan's a good kid.
{Inside the dad's mind}  Sir, the wife has initiated contact!  What'll we do?
This is our chance.  Give _____ the look.
{Inside the mom's mind}  He's making that stupid face again.
Ugh.  Should we smack [11] ___?
Come on.  He's adorable!
{Inside the dad's mind}  There's the signal!  We are "go"! [12]  Repeat:  We are "go"!
Contact in 5, 4, 3, 2…
{Song: AC/DC song for about 40 seconds}
{Inside the mom's mind}  {4:50:  Song, "Take my breath away."}  I'm good.  Are you guys good?
I'm good here.
Ok, that's enough.
Ah, yeah.  Um, I'll go fix the table.


[1] She's only 12. = She's only 12 years old.
[2] Let's probe, but layer it with cool words the kids say so it's not obvious. = The mom wants to ask Riley if she's going on a date, but she doesn't want it to be obvious, so she's going to use "cool words" to hide it.
[3] OMG = Oh my God!
[4] Awesome sauce = awesome.  Fo sheezy = For sure.
[5] To be about to crack = In an interrogation, "to crack" means to end your resistant and start talking.
[6] That sounds like back talk! = If you're parent is telling you something that you don't like, then you talk back to them, that's called "back talk".
[7] That's it! = I've had enough; that's the end.
[8] Give him the boot = "To give someone the boot" means to kick someone out of a house or other location.  It's not literal, so he won't actually kick him.  It just means that the dad is going to tell Jordan to leave the house.
[9] On my mark!  In 5, 4, 3 = He's counting down from 5 to 1, and when he says "1", that's when he'll tell Jordan to leave.  He does a countdown near the end of the video as well.
[10] Lead guitar = He played lead guitar.
[11] I rock the bass = I play bass guitar.
[12] To smack someone = to hit someone.
[13] We are "go" = When the US launches a rocket into space, they'll say, "All systems are go," meaning that everything's ready for the launch and we're going to do it.  They also count down the last ten seconds before launching, e.g., "Ten, nine, eight, ".


1) her [er]
2) what you're [what chur]
3) to [da]
4) you [ya]
5) to [da]
6) him [im]
7) What are you [what chu]
8) Probably [probly]
9) to [da]
10) don't know [dunno]
11) out of [oudda]
12) Did you [did ju]
13) You know [ya know]
14) You're not so bad yourself [yer not so bad jerself]
15) her [er]
16) him [im]

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